JGC Fluor (JFJV) will soon begin work to construct two cofferdams along the embankment of the Kitimat River. These cofferdams will create watertight enclosures that will be pumped dry and allow for the installation of two inlet portals. The cofferdams will be built using sheet piles and installed by vibratory method, which produces significantly less noise than the conventional pile hammer.

Once complete, the inlet portals will allow passage of river water and fish into the newly constructed Kitimat River Side Channel and ponds. The new side channel and ponds are part of the environmental mitigation measures for the project and will replace the existing Kitimat River Side Channel, which runs through the project site.

Work will occur between 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.—seven days per week—and is anticipated to take approximately 10 weeks to complete. Robust environmental work plans are in place that include measures to mitigate impacts to the river and fish.

If you have an inquiry, please send it to info@jfjvkitimat.com or call the JFJV community feedback lines at 250-632-JFJV (5358) or 1-888-499-JFJV (5358).