As a local, what has really stood out to you about this Project?

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be on this project for 7 and a half years and throughout my time here, I have witnessed so much time, effort, education, and money spent on protecting the environment. I have seen an incredible amount of respect for the environment. To know all the professional and local experts that we brought to site to do years of research, even before we even put a shovel in the ground just to make sure we minimized impact to the environment, makes me proud to be on this project.
I am a forester by trade, and as such I am very passionate about the environment, about being an ambassador to the environment. This project is in my backyard and I don’t want to see any detrimental impact to the wildlife or its surrounding
Am also very proud of the legacy that this project will leave in the community. I have seen many of my children’s friends, who I have watched grow up, come to this site as bright – eyed apprentices and they are now journeymen in their trades. This project has given them a path and set them up for success for their futures.

As an IIF TM (Incident and Injury Free) Leader on this Project, how would you describe it to someone who has never heard about it?

IIF TM is the ‘Why’ behind everything that we do. It’s a mindset. It’s a culture of caring. Its why we want to work safe We can give you absolutely the best designs, tools, and work plans, we could roll you up in bubble wrap but if you choose not to care for yourself, care for the project, or care for the person beside you, then something is going to happen. Simple as that. All those safe work procedures do not matter if you simply don’t care.
The IIF TM program is new to Canada but the essence of the IIF culture has always existed. We do it at home every day, with our own personal lives, with family, and friends. Honestly, it took me a while to realize this because it felt a little too huggy-feely for me, especially with a forestry and construction background. But as I grew more in this role and began to understand that the ‘why’ was so important in our daily lives, I made it my own and it became a platform to accomplish my goals. We are not walking around handing out participation medals and hugs; we are engaging with the crews and having candid discussions on how we can help them be safer and more efficient at their job. We are also challenging them if they aren’t showing care or concern for others or the project, or not working safely and reminding them why they and those around them want to make it home safely. It’s important to understand that showing care is still holding people accountable for their actions.

What are your goals?

I want to keep building my own leadership skills and inspire others through this opportunity I have working on this IIF platform: mentoring people, trying to change cultural and behavioral safety. I want to help build cultural leadership – true leaders, and lead through inspiration not manipulation. I want to change a culture and a mindset for generations to come, and it’s got to start somewhere. It’s started right here and right now.

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