What’s your current position?

My current position is working as a Line 3 cook in the kitchen at CVL with Sodexo. I began my journey as a General Helper, where I gained valuable skills in sandwich preparation and line service. Over time, I progressed to cooking, specializing in creating smoothies and parfaits. With a background in cooking that dates back to my early teenage years, I have developed a passion for culinary arts, particularly in pizza-making.

How long have you been in this position?

I’ve been working with Sodexo in Cedar Valley Lodge for three years since March 2021.

What motivates you most to do what you do? What are you most excited about or passionate about?

My greatest motivation stems from my family, particularly my wife and son. With 15 years of companionship with my wife, our relationship serves as a constant source of inspiration. In my role, I find immense joy in bringing smiles to people’s faces and maintaining a positive attitude. I enjoy working in a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere with my co-workers. Building enduring relationships within the workplace is of great significance to me as my colleagues have become an extension of my second family.

As an experienced professional living locally, what does working on the project mean for you and your career? What are your career goals/passions?

I was born in Prince Rupert but raised here as a Haisla, this project holds significance meaning for me as it provides an opportunity to expand my culinary skills by working alongside other chefs. This opportunity allows me to broaden my skill set, acquire new knowledge and stay updated with the latest industry trends. While aspiring to become a first cook is a long road ahead of me, I’m determined to enhance my skills. Exploring different cuisines and learning new culinary knowledge are among my passions, they fuel my drive for growth.

As a local, what have YOU brought to the project that non-locals couldn’t have?

As a resident deeply rooted in this community, I’ve shared a wealth of knowledge that sets me apart from non-locals. This enables me to offer guidance on some captivating places to explore during non-working hours. An example is I highly recommend visiting Maggie’s Point, with a charming wooden gazebo at the end of the trail overlooking the ocean. If you’re lucky, you can see killer whales and sea lions in the oceans alongside the coast. Additionally, venturing into the village and strolling along breakwater provides those to fully immerse themselves in nature and our landscape. If you get the chance, indulge in the frozen yogurt at the store in the village; it’s incredible. I’ve also had the privilege of working at Sea Masters, further deepening my connection with the community.

If you could advise anyone starting on a large project like this one, what would it be?

I would recommend approaching a new position, job or moving to a new location with an open mind. We all stick together and look out for each other. The bosses treat everyone the same, which is great. It is warming here, there are hiccups, but you get over it. Everyone sticks together, and people watch out for others, take care of everyone. The chefs the way I see it don’t have favorites and treat everyone equally. That is the best. It is a great place to work, I hope to continue working here for phase 2.

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