What is your business? What services or supplies do you provide?

Our business is sign manufacturing. Primarily, traffic signs and accessories, banners, building, equipment and vehicle signs, hardhat stickers, billboards and custom signs… just to mention a few.

How long have you been in Kitimat?

I was born and raised in Kitimat and stayed there for 25 years, then in 1984 moved to Terrace.

How long has the business been in Kitimat?

We’ve been operating our business in Terrace since 1995, however, we’ve provided sign service to Kitimat and surrounding areas since then.

What drove you to start?

We initially purchased a sign cutter then I educated myself on the business of sign making and decided to start a sign business in 1995.

I owned a construction business in the early 80s and had a sign done on my van by a local sign company and decided that is something I would like to do. I have always been interested in graphic design, so I’ve truly enjoyed the change in career and developing a successful business.

What do you do with the LNG Canada Project?

We have provided signs of all sorts. Everything from hardhat stickers to billboards signs.

As a local business working with a mega project, do you have any words of wisdom for Local businesses who want to start working with mega projects?

Simple, give the customer what they want, follow their policies and hard work. This will give your customer a sense of confidence in you. Stand by your product. Don’t make it hard for them or they may give up on you. This is a huge project, and they don’t need another layer of complication.

Any advice for future projects that are looking at working with local businesses and suppliers?

Do your background checks on potential vendors. Bigger businesses aren’t always the best choice. Ask the vendor to provide typical turnaround times. And provide some past project history.

For more information on the project and JFJV construction activities, please visit our website at jfjvkitimat.com or our Facebook page at facebook.com/JFJV Kitimat/.