Work is well underway to construct the LNG Canada Project Materials Offloading Facility (MOF), which is located between Rio Tinto’s Terminal B and the former Methanex causeway. As part of this work, piling has been occurring between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.—seven days per week—since late November 2019.

Starting as early as April 14, the contractor responsible for this work will begin 24/7 piling for installation of sheet piles. This is needed to meet critical schedule requirements. The piles will be installed using a vibratory-hammer, which produces significantly less noise than the traditional impact hammer. An impact hammer will not be used during night piling operations.

Public impacts are expected to be minimal. Our recently completed noise monitoring showed the expected increase of noise from night piling to be less than one decibel (dB) at Kitimaat Village and 1.5 kilometres away. A normal conversation is typically measured at 60-65dB from three feet away.

Night piling is required and expected for six to eight weeks. All permits as well as safety and environmental plans are in place.

Once complete, the MOF will be used to unload the LNG processing modules, which will start being delivered to site via marine transport in summer 2021.

If you have an inquiry, please send it to or call our community feedback lines at 250-632-JFJV (5358).