What is your role on the Project?

After I graduated from Coast Mountain College, I started as the administrative assistant for JGC Fluor (JFJV) Site Security in September 2020. In February 2022, I joined the Contracts Administration team as a contract technician.

What were you doing before working at the LNG Canada Project?

I was in school! In 2018, I went to Coast Mountain College in Terrace for my Associate of Science with a focus on Environmental Science and Engineering courses. Before that, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology in the Philippines. I migrated to Canada after graduating from university. My background in the healthcare field helped me get a job as a part-time pharmacy assistant while I was in school.

What does working on the project mean for you and your career?

I remember being there during the announcement that the LNG Canada Project was a go in October 2018. So it’s amazing to see how far the project has come—and how far I’ve come. Working on the LNG Canada Project has helped me grow into a well-rounded person. I met a lot of new people from different places and cultures, and that helped me broaden my perspective and be more open-minded. Career-wise, this project opened a lot of potential career advancement opportunities for me and gave me the chance to learn and develop new skills to help achieve my career goals. Working on the Project has supported my personal growth by allowing me to challenge myself and push my limits. And of course, all these would not be possible if not for my mentors and their unending guidance and support. But I think the best thing about working here is experiencing all of these while still being able to spend time with my family here in Kitimat.

As a local, what have you brought to the Project? 

Most of my colleagues are not from Kitimat, so I believe that my local knowledge about the community and connections provide a unique perspective to the team. I get a lot of questions like “what’s the best restaurant in town?” or “what can I do in Kitimat?”. Sometimes I’d take people to the river to fish, go for a hike after work, try out a local restaurant, or watch hockey games. I try my best to make people feel welcome and appreciate their time here. I want my colleagues to see and experience how beautiful Kitimat is.

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