When did you start with ONEC?
Started march ONEC in March of 2019. Since the beginning. I was here for the whole construction and helping them set up. It was neat to see that aspect of this place.

How do you like the aviation industry?
Love it. I have thirteen years in the industry. Like cooking, there are always time crunches and time frames that must be met. I love the adrenaline rush of peak times!

How did you make the jump from cooking to airplanes?
I was working in the airport kitchen, then approached to work security. I worked in airport security for 10 years. When I moved over to ONEC for the LNG Canada Project, I started out as a baggage handler. Then moved up to ramp lead and Facilities Supervisor – in charge of offloading and onloading planes. Luggage and people get to their correct destination.

Do you have a specific area of your job that you love doing?
It’s a mixture of everything. It’s the anticipation of making sure everything is done on time, and all the planes are on time. And it’s the communication of it, meeting new people and greeting people. I like that aspect of it.

How has working for ONEC helped you accomplish this goal?
ONEC is supportive of my home life and priorities. They have been awesome for me and my work/life balance. I am thankful I get to go home every night, to be with family and decompress. I tried rotational work, but it was not for me.

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