JGC Fluor (JFJV) will be conducting in-water works at North End of Berth 2 from May 24, 2024. This will cover the following scopes.

  • Installation of 16 Anode Rakes against the North and West quay walls on the Northern end of Berth 2, as part of the permanent Cathodic protection system.
  • Local repair of seabed depressions by laying 2 tonne Precision Rock Placement (PRP) bags of washed rock to fill the local depressions.

JFJV will complete works at the North side of Berth 2 using a barge crane with diving support. Construction work will include in-water welding and placement of PRP bags. Environmental work plans are in place. The work will commence on May 24, 2024, ending around June 21, 2024.

For more information about the project, please visit our website at jfjvkitimat.com or check out our Facebook page Facebook.com/jfjvkitimat.