Diversity and Inclusion

JGC Fluor (JFJV) is committed to diversity and inclusion on the LNG Canada project and has created a platform for various initiatives to promote this on the project. These initiatives include;

Introduction to Industrial Construction (IIC) 4-Week Boot Camp


The LNG Canada Project supports local and provincial people who want a career in the construction trades by giving them the practical experience they need to start a path to apprenticeship.

The Introduction to Industrial Construction (IIC) program was developed to support and strengthen the apprenticeship model on the LNG Canada project and develop future Journeypersons locally and throughout British Columbia. JGC Fluor (JFJV) developed the program in partnership with the Industry Training Authority BC (ITA BC), Coast Mountain College (CMTN) and UA Piping Industry College of BC (UAPICBC).

Program Description:

The Introduction to Industrial Construction (IIC) program is a 4-week boot camp training experience consisting of practical projects in all types of weather to provide the participants an experiential understanding of industrial construction. Instructors will assess suitability for working in industrial construction as well as allowing participants the opportunity to reflect on their suitability for a career in construction.

The goal of this program is to provide local Northwest BC people with the opportunity to gain apprenticeships in a construction trade with a JFJV subcontractor. Participants will be exposed to different skills and techniques, hand tools, and safe work practices in an outdoor classroom, regardless of the weather and environmental conditions with minimal classroom based instruction. They will also learn about different skilled trades, the expectations of an apprenticeship, and the culture and lifestyle of working on a large Industrial construction site.

Over the 4-week program, the training will cover the following;

  • Basic Safety
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • BC Apprenticeship system and the different trades
  • Introduction to Hand Tools
  • Introduction to Power Tools
  • Basic Employability Skills
  • Working at Heights
  • Scaffolding
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Introduction to Material Handling
  • Practical application of construction math
  • Practical application of construction drawings

Your Place

LNG Canada and JGC Fluor are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that includes young people in apprenticeship positions, women and Indigenous people.

To ensure we are attracting women, who currently make up under 5% of a typical construction workforce, we have taken extra measures and created YOUR PLACE, a program to attract, recruit, train and employ women in the skilled construction trades. We expect to train approximately 200 women as part of the YOUR PLACE program.

The focus of YOUR PLACE is to provide women with essential safety awareness and certifications, best practices for workplace readiness, theory and hands-on training needed to support and prepare them to enter the construction industry.

LNG Canada and JGC Fluor invest in YOUR PLACE participants by covering the cost of return airfare to Kitimat to take the four-week training, the costs of the training program, meals and accommodation, transportation to and from training and the worksite, and provide appropriate PPE.

Together with our training provider, Women Building Futures (WBF), we launched YOUR PLACE in June 2019, and have received more than 1,300 applications from British Columbia women, with one-third of these from Indigenous women.

Grow Representation and Opportunity for Women (GROW)

Growing Representation and Opportunity for Women – exists to support and champion opportunities for greater representation of women at all levels.
GROW Promotes the ability to leverage the complementary skill sets of women and men working together at all levels of business to drive innovation, engagement and excellence in execution. The focus of GROW is to provide an environment to promote equal access opportunities to build diverse, engaged project teams.

LNGC GROW Chapter is targeting to kick off in 2020 and will be championed by JFJV employees, Ian Swanbeck and Amanda McCarthy.

ACT (Accelerating Craft Talent)

This is a key result area under GROW that will be driven to engage Craft who would want to advance within their trade or to further their career into a supervisory or management role.