Corinna Couto: Training Coordinator

How long have you lived in Kitimat?

I have lived in Kitimat my whole life and couldn’t imagine it any other way. My father immigrated to Canada from India and began working in the Kitimat area for Eurocan Pulp and Paper; he met my mother, and they later had four children. I have raised my two children in Kitimat, and they are both now grown up and chose to remain in Northern BC as well.

As an experienced professional living locally, what does working on the LNG Canada Project mean for you and your career?

The ability to be able to live and work in the same town I grew up in, overall, gives me a better quality of life. It gives me the ability to be close to family and enjoy the outdoors with the people I love. The project has also given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the construction industry, ensuring success in my career long after the project concludes.

As a successful female on this Project, any words of advice for women working in this industry or who may want to start?

A quote that helped me when I began in the industry and for those women now starting is – “Don’t be intimated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else– Sara Blakely.

Many women don’t start their careers in the construction industry due to the uncertainty of the industry. With perseverance, we as women can accomplish anything. This is shown by the number of women succeeding on the LNG Canada Project.

As a local, what have you brought to the project that non-locals could not?

As a local, I feel that I have brought knowledge of the local businesses, industry, outdoors and community traditions and culture to the project that non-locals wouldn’t have.

What does the LNG Canada Project mean to you?

LNG means that I have the opportunity to stay in Kitimat, and locals have career opportunities. I have goals and priorities, and this Project has helped me find a way to balance my professional and personal life. To me, it’s about finding your ideal lifestyle, then designing your career in a way that lets you live it. I am thrilled to continue to learn and grow my knowledge base on this project and to build relationships with my coworkers and contractors on-site. I am committed to sharing the knowledge I have learned with JGC Fluor and helping others along this amazing journey I am on.

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