Contracts and Procurement

JGC Fluor BC LNG JV (JFJV) is committed to making this project the safest on earth. All subcontractors must abide to the highest safety and ethical standards as prescribed in the JFJV Business Conduct and Ethics Expectations document.

To be considered for any contracting and procurement opportunities, JFJV invites potential contractors and suppliers to register with us by going through the following steps:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at (for supply of goods) or (for supply of services).

JFJV will use the information you supply to understand the goods and services your company can provide. Your company will then be included in the contracting and procurement register and will be contacted when suitable opportunities are identified.

Upcoming Contracts and Procurement Opportunities with JFJV

Coffee SuppliesFebruary 2019March 2019
Office SuppliesFebruary 2019March 2019
Site SignageFebruary 2019March 2019
Bottled/Drinking WaterMarch 2019April 2019
CN Power (Pole Line)February 2019April 2019
DemolitionFebruary 2019April 2019
Office FurnitureMarch 2019April 2019
Drug and Alcohol Testing and TransportApril 2019May 2019
Taxi ServicesApril 2019May 2019
Temporary CCTV AlarmFebruary 2019May 2019
Water Supply & Effluent to WACFebruary 2019May 2019
Heavy Haul / Heavy lift (supply cranes and operators > 300T and SPMTs)
March 2019May 2019
Cooling TowerJanuary 2019June 2019
Site Temporary FacilitiesFebruary 2019June 2019
Temporary Telecommunications (supply and installation of Fiber Optic hardware and wiring)
March 2019June 2019
Third Party Validation & Verification Services - BC Oil & Gas CommissionMarch 2019June 2019
JanitorialMarch 2019July 2019
Dimensional Control - Module Offloading Facility (MOD) YardsApril 2019July 2019
LNG Load OutJanuary 2019August 2019
Permanent WAN/ LAN Systems
April 2019August 2019
Permanent Radio System (Supply and Installation)
April 2019August 2019
Permanent Integrated Surveillance System
April 2019August 2019
Temporary Construction - Various TradesApril 2019September 2019
Temporary Construction Power - Power Distribution CentreJune 2019September 2019
Temporary Construction Tents (supply and install)
July 2019September 2019
Personnel Transport - Air & Baggage HandlingMay 2019October 2019
Waste Management (site wide - removal and off site disposal)
June 2019October 2019
Piling (Installation only)June 2019November 2019
Undergrounds (Civil, Pipe & Electrical)June 2019November 2019
Supply of Cranes 50-300T
June 2019November 2019
Substance Detection / Security Canines (on call services)July 2019November 2019
River Water Intake Pipeline ( 30" pipeline)July 2019November 2019
River Water Intake Pump House and associated mechanical workJuly 2019November 2019
Camp Operations, Maintenance and Catering
June 2019December 2019
Hydrovac / Exporatory Trenching
August 2019December 2019
Field Fabricated Tanks (design, supply and installation)November 2019July 2020

Contracts awarded by JFJV

Contractor NameDescriptionAward Date
First Canada ULCPersonnel Transportation - BusFebruary 2019
Lee-Bo Scarlet Security LPSite SecurityFebruary 2019
International SOS Canada Inc.Medical ServicesFebruary 2019
BJM JVMaterials Offloading Facilities (MOF) - EPCFebruary 2019
Thurber Engineering Ltd.FNTP Geotechnical ServicesFebruary 2019
Shell Global Solutions Canada Inc.Fire and Gas Detection MappingFebruary 2019
Ledcor-Haisla Limited PartnershipCreek Diversions, Clearing and GrubbingJanuary 2019
Marex Canada LimitedAlternative Safety Approach (ASA) Consulting ServicesJanuary 2019
Bird-ATCO Joint VentureWorkforce Accomodation FacilitiesDecember 2018
Haisla-Brinkman Forestry JVTree Logging and HarvestNovember 2018
Haisla-Triton Limited
Site Environmental
Monitoring (Biologists)
November 2018
WSP Canada Inc.Topo and Field
November 2018
Wood Group Asset Integrity Solutions Inc.Accoustic Induced VibrationSeptember 2018
Golder AssociatesGeotechnical ServicesAugust 2018
Stantec Consulting Ltd.Regulatory & Permitting
Consulting Support
August 2018
Risktec Solutions LimitedQuantitative Risk AnalysisAugust 2018
Riddell Kurczaba ArchitectureRE-Feed - Update of Architectural DrawingsAugust 2018
Coanda Research and Development CorporationFirewater Wet WellJuly 2018