Community Impact

Community Impacts and the Community Impact Management Plan (CIMP)

JGC Fluor (JFJV) is committed to being a good neighbour and we understand that being a good neighbour is good business.

The Community Impact Management Plan (CIMP) is one of the main plans that outline mitigations for potential direct impacts related to construction activities in the communities of Kitamaat Village, Kitimat, and Terrace during the construction phase.

The CIMP applies to all JFJV employees, subcontractors, and sub-subcontractors on site and when in the local communities and includes:

  • 7 Social Management Plans (SMP)
  • Community Feedback process
  • Code of Conduct

The CIMP has 7 SMPs that lay out actions that help mitigate potential issues that are important to the community. Each SMP has a number of specific mitigations related to potential issues:

Housing and Accommodations
High quality accommodations provided at Sitka Lodge, Horizon North’s Crossroads, and at Cedar Valley Lodge in 2020, encourages the workforce to keep their home bases and not move to the area which can create a boom and bust housing crisis.

Chartered flights for fly in/fly out workforce with transportation to and from the North West Regional Airport in Terrace to minimize impact to local travelers.
With no personal vehicles on site, shuttle bus services between the project site, workforce accommodations and specific local park and ride locations in Kitimat and Terrace reduce traffic on local roads.

Community Health
On-site medical services with access to primary care, including health care promotion, and medical emergency response to prevent strain on local hospitals and doctors.

Emergency Response
Work with local emergency and first responders to prepare for possible changes in services.

Cedar Valley Lodge will have a number of amenities like gyms, soccer track, and other activities to attract the workforce so that local gyms and community amenities are available for local residents.

Municipal Utilities
JFJV is committed to making Cedar Valley Lodge and the entire LNG Canada facility self-sufficient (as much as possible) with respect to water and wastewater treatment, so additional demands will not be placed upon the local water and wastewater utilities.

Because of the fly-in/fly-out workforce and limited number of Project senior management who will live in the community for the construction period, impacts to local schools are expected to be minimal.

Code of Conduct
Everyone on the Project must sign the Code of Conduct to instill positive workforce behaviors and respect for the local community. The Code of Conduct is a commitment each person makes who works at the project site to being safe a project ambassador on and off site. If individuals choose not to sign it, they choose not to work on the project site. If there is a violation, there are consequences, up to and including being barred from the Project site.

Community Feedback
The Community Feedback Process gives the community and anyone from the public or on the project, an opportunity to make complaints, voice concerns or ask questions on the project. Knowing that JFJV has mitigations and plans in place helps keep a positive and transparent open relationship with the community, and will help navigate the rough spots if and when they occur.

If you want to provide feedback or ask a question: