Beginning this week, the LNG Canada Project will utilize an air curtain incinerator for the disposal of clean wood waste generated at the project site. The air curtain incinerator is a pollution control device primarily designed to reduce particulate matter or smoke that results from combusting clean wood waste.

Clean wood waste generated during the facility’s construction includes unpainted, unstained, and untreated solid wood, lumber, pallets, crane matting and survey sticks. In addition, some cardboard and paper waste may be combusted if the local recycling facility’s capacity is exceeded.

The incinerator will operate in conformance with the meteorological conditions (windspeed, ventilation forecast, and PM2.5 concentrations) for up to 10 hours a week.

All permits, safety and environmental plans are in place.

If you have an inquiry, please email or call the feedback line at 250-632-JFJV (5358).

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