Ian Swanbeck JFJV Construction Director

Ian Swanbeck JFJV Construction Director

JGC Fluor BC LNG JV (JFJV) is committed to making the LNG Canada Project The Safest Project on Earth  To ensure it lives up to that commitment, JFJV has implemented Incident and Injury Free (IIF) action teams that help instill a safe work culture across the site.

IIF empowers the workforce to make the right choices, stay informed, say no to dangerous work, and remain committed to safety. This year, IIF saw great success with the Golden Ticket Recognition Program. Individuals with consistent work-safe behaviours are entered to win a grand prize draw held every nine weeks. Since the program’s inception in September 2022, there have been 136 Golden Tickets awarded to individuals and two grand prize winners.

A year-end celebration was held for the IIF action teams to celebrate their success in creating a workforce culture centred around a safety mindset so that we all return home safely at the end of the day. JFJV senior leadership thanked the team leaders for their relentless efforts in building high-performance teams and supporting the safety of the workforce.

It is a privilege to have such dedicated individuals on the project, and we thank everyone for their commitment to building the Safest Project in the World. Ian Swanbeck, Construction Director, thanked the team for their dedication, “reflecting on how far we have come since 2019 makes me confident in the culture we have established on the LNG Canada Project. We have done something unique here that will carry us extremely well through Project completion.”

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